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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Introducing A New Member of My Family...

I have a new laptop! It's purple!

This is not something I was intending to buy any time soon, but nor is it an impulse buy (which I've given up for Lent). Allow me to explain how my latest purchase suddenly became such an urgent necessity...

On Friday, Jon's old Macbook Pro's graphic card died. The laptop would turn on but there was no image on the screen, nor was an image outputted to our projector. Fortunately, Jon was able to access the hard drive and make copies of all my work stored on there (of which most of it was backed up, but not all).

On Saturday, we took it to the nearest Apple Store (which, by the way, is at least an hour's drive away) and found out that it would cost 360 to fix. The graphics card is integrated as part of the motherboard, so it is not as simple a fix as we initially hoped. We were also informed that in a year's time the support for this particular model is likely to stop. :(

The painful decision was made to let Jon's old laptop slip peacefully away into Silicon Heaven. And so, we departed from the Apple Store and made our way to Comet, where my limited funds were able to find a more affordable replacement: the purple HP Pavillion G6 laptop. We were even able to knock the price down a bit, due to their price-matching deal, and so it cost me 360. Not bad for a cheap, purple laptop with a decent spec.

My bank account isn't happy, but I'm certainly cheerier than I was on Friday! I guess this is the sort of dilemma for which my savings exist. It feels odd becoming a regular PC user again, just when I felt I'd gotten fully acquainted with using a Mac, but hey. I've had no probs with Windows 7 so far, and I really like how it looks and how responsive the keyboard and mousepad are.

Let's get back to business! Anyone know any cool, new online games? ;)

FairyJo! x