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Monday, 05 March 2012

Who Wants To Go Sea Kayaking?

Here's a question I've been meaning to ask: are any of my friends interested in going sea kayaking this summer?

I've decided I want to go sea kayaking along the North Devon coastline this summer. Why? Because I've found out about a company that offers such tours and it sounds an amazing experience. For my birthday last month, my parents gave me enough money to pay for Jon and I to do this. So, yay! :D

However, I figured it would be cool to go with a group of friends, if anyone else was interested. Any friends outside of North Devon would be welcome to stay with us for a few days if they wanted to join in the fun. Simply let me know if you're curious and I'll send you further details about how much it'll cost, etc. We haven't got any particular date planned yet, so we're pretty flexible about when in the summer this will happen.

Who's up for an adventure?

FairyJo! x